Waco, Texas Visits Durango

Chris, in town on vacation with his family from Waco, Texas, called me early in the morning hoping to get a ride in. Being an experienced rider, and 6’4″, I had to make sure I had a bike ready to fit him. Good thing for us we had a XL Rocky Mountain Flare 29″in stock. Picked him up at his hotel and took him out for a 2 hr,16 m tour, with 1,400 ft elevation gain. Got him a great ride through Overend Mountain Park, and had him back before noon to enjoy lunch with his wife and the kids. Chris talked about making Durango an annual vacation stop. Looking forward to riding with Chris when he comes out again.









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  1. I very much enjoyed my ride with John and would highly recommend anyone looking for a great ride in the Durango area to look John up. He has been riding the area many years and knows the trails like the back of his hand.Very knowledgeable about the trails and historical aspect of Durango. No matter what your riding ability John can accomodate you.

  2. Hey Chris! We need to plan a trip to ride the Ultimate Loop and a bunch of the other area trails! I miss that place!!!

    1. Dr Downhill, let me know when you are ready to ride the “Ultimate Loop.” I’ve been waiting for someone to step up to that challenge. September and October are amazing months for biking in Durango. I had a great time riding with Chris, he is a very good mountain biker.

  3. I knew Chris when he was a wee beginner riding a Mongoose hardtail with V brakes. Nice to see him tackle some elevation, however, I did see him put a foot down on the first video! Ha!

    Looks awesome John. It appears more trails have been developed since my last trip there 8-10 years ago.

    1. Thor, you are so correct. We have more than doubled the amount of single track trails in and surrounding Durango in the last 10 years. Matter of fact, that was one of the main reasons in me launching DMBT. I wanted to share the best trails and routes with the biking community. The city of Durango and Trails 2000 have a great relationship. The city acquires open space and then works with Trails 2000 to build single track. We have over 100 miles of trails within biking distance of downtown. In fact, I just rode a brand new trail which opened last week. It is a progressive trail designed by a very accomplished trail builder from Moab, UT. Let me know we you make it out this way and I’d love to show ya around.

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