Doc Joe and His Boys

Dr. Joe and his two adult sons made a stop in Durango during their vacation touring Colorado. Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Joe doesn’t ride a lot of single track, so we put together the perfect three hour tour for him and his boys which covered 16 miles and 1,400 feet elevation gain. They definitely earned their lunch downtown after this ride. A great time with great people. Hope to see these guys again.










4 Replies to “Doc Joe and His Boys”

  1. I speak for not just myself, but for both my brother and my dad when I say that John was definitely the best guide we could have chosen for our time in Durango. John easily identified with our family’s skill level and picked the most appropriate three-hour course that was both challenging and incredibly fun. Both knowledgeable and entertaining, John is the best option for exploring what Durango has to offer while on two wheels. I hope we can make it back next year if possible; thank you again, John!

    1. Thanks Patrick, very nice of you to take the time and share a comment. I’m glad you had a good time. I pride myself in recognizing the clients skill levels and pushing them slightly beyond their comfort level. Not enough to totally freak them out, but just enough for them to be challenged and experience the thrill of mountain biking. Good luck this fall at THE Ohio State! Go Buckeyes!

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