Hermosa Creek Trail

After leading a tour in the morning, I went with my friends to ride the Hermosa Creek Trail. Named one of the top ten single track trails in America by Bike Magazine, it starts just north of town behind Purgatory Resort. We typically ride this as a shuttle, as we did this day, but have also ridden it as a loop from town. 20140617-214417-78257814.jpg 20140617-214418-78258736.jpg 20140617-214420-78260624.jpg 20140617-214419-78259615.jpg 20140617-214457-78297833.jpg 20140617-214458-78298687.jpg 20140617-214459-78299601.jpg 20140617-214536-78336208.jpg 20140617-214531-78331881.jpg 20140617-214530-78330966.jpg 20140617-214532-78332929.jpg 20140617-214533-78333806.jpg 20140617-222115-80475212.jpg

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