The Naturals

Sunday I got to take a couple from Albuquerque, NM out who had never ridden mountain bikes before. When I asked Lucie her experience level, she said she “had ridden a bike as a kid.” I was a little skeptical when we started, but by the end of the ride, I’m pretty sure we have two more mountain bikers to add to the population. Both Lucie and her husband Bayle were naturals. What I envisioned as a Town and Trails Tour, with more “Town” then “Trails”, ended up being a 15 mile and 1,200 foot ride through Overend Mountain Park and Horse Gulch. A quick stop at the Durango Bike Co headquarters at the bottom of the Gulch so Bayle could get a card and a look at the new bikes completed the ride. I’m looking forward to taking these two out again soon when they come up to visit, on their own new bikes. IMG_0415IMG_0414IMG_0419IMG_0413IMG_0416IMG_0407IMG_0410IMG_0418IMG_0401IMG_0404IMG_0409IMG_0405IMG_0396IMG_0398IMG_0394IMG_0421

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  1. What a great time! I have the bumps and cuts to prove it too. The weather was perfect and our guide was outstanding. Thanks John:)

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