Kennebec Pass

Labor Day this year was a blast. After an awesome 2 hour tour with Michelle,  I then caught a ride with my bro Walt and 4 of his visiting friends up La Plata Canyon to the top of Kennebec Pass. We jumped on the Colorado Trail and rode the stunning 22 miles of single track dropping about 3,000 feet to their camp at Junction Creek where some ice cold brews were awaiting.  Trying to get in as many high country rides before the snow starts to fly up high.



2 Replies to “Kennebec Pass”

  1. You have some great skills as a photographer, rider, instigator, and business owner. And your fun to hang with. Thanks and way to go!

  2. Yep, what WB said! Was great to meet ya and get after some of your spectacular local trails. Give a shout if you ever find yourself migrating toward utah in search of dirt!

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