Up From the Desert





Nelson came up from Tucson, AZ to take care of some business, but before settling down to meetings, he wanted to check out some Durango single track. It had been somewhat of a wet week in town with Durango getting a fair share of rain, so it was wait and see if we would be able to get the ride in. The odds were in our favor and we ended up getting some good weather in, knocking out 18 miles and about 1,800 feet elevation gain. Nelson was a strong rider with a roadie background who has transitioned to mountain biking the last few years. he also work with the Tucson High school cycling team.


IMG_7435 3

IMG_7432 IMG_7431

IMG_7434 IMG_7433

IMG_7429 IMG_7428 IMG_7427 IMG_7426 IMG_7425

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