Forever Young

I think I found the answer to staying young, and it is mountain biking. Ken and Joyce, from Binghamton, NY went on a 2 1/2 hour Town and Trails tour yesterday.  You would never guess by the way they rode that the happy couple are into their 7th decade. While Joyce doesn’t mountain bike a lot, Ken has been riding for over 30 years. We rode over 10 miles and covered some pretty technical terrain. These two also spend 3 months a year in Alta, UT and last year skied over 90 days.

IMG_9646 IMG_9637 IMG_9640 3 IMG_9636 IMG_9634 IMG_9642 IMG_9644 2 IMG_9645 IMG_9641 3 IMG_9639 3 IMG_9638 IMG_9643 IMG_9635 IMG_9633 IMG_9632

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