Dr Leigh

Had the pleasure of riding with a young PhD Steven Leigh. Only 29 and already earned his doctorate in engineering from the University of Washington, ┬áhe now lives and works in Tucson, AZ and is interested in becoming a mountain biker. What better way to get aquatinted with the sport then to come to Durango and ride with Durango Mountain Bike Tours. We had a great 3 hour Town and Trails ride covering over 17 miles and quite a bit more singletrack then I normally do with most beginners. I can’t wait to see what bike he buys and watch his progress. IMG_9892 3 IMG_9904 3 IMG_9906 3 IMG_9908 3 IMG_9909 3 IMG_9905 3 IMG_9894 3 IMG_9898 3 IMG_9902 3 IMG_9900 3 IMG_9899 3 IMG_9907 3 IMG_9901 3

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