So Cal in the Hood

The day after Todds Fondo, DMBT guide Dustin and I took two couples from Southern California on a Town and Trails Tour. John, Carol, Steve, and Cyndi have been vacationing in Durango the last few years, and now are seriously contemplating moving here part time. We were sure to give them insight and show them unique neighborhoods like no other could. John and Steve ride quite a bit, while Carol and Cyndi hadn’t been on a bike in 20 years. No worries. Dustin and I made sure to accommodate everyone, even getting some single track in. Beers and stories after the ride was definitely a highlight! 

Todd’s Dirt Fondo

Went on a 70 person group ride with 3 time Olympian and Durangoan Todd Wells. Saturday was the 2nd Dirt Fondo put together by Todd and Trails 2000. This years installment started and ended at Buckley Park and covered 43 m and 6,700 feet going up over 10,000 feet on Missionary Ridge. I finished in just under 6 hrs. The colors have started to change quite a bit. I’ve posted a few pics from the same ride I did 2 weeks ago. I’m Already looking forward to next year! 

Arizona Girls

It was my pleasure to take Lisa and Georgie out on a 2 1/2 hour, 12 mile ride today. The girls were up from Arizona doing a bit of mountain biking, train riding, and ATVing among other things. Both girls were fit with some experience. We had a great time and were able to ride quite a bit of trails offering great views and challenging terrain. 

From the Land of the Rising Sun

We had our first client from Japan this weekend, a former mtb racer from the early 90’s, Yoshitaka Fukuda. Fukuda had just completed 25 days hiking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He loves and knows a lot about the history of mtb racing, and he made a point to get to Durango, the mtb capital of the world, and ride. I was sure to give him a taste of all the different trail systems, covering 25 miles over 4 hours. Once again 2nd Ave Sports came through, hooking him up with a sweet Santa Cruz 5010. Our last stop was to Mountain Bike Specialist so Fukuda could check out the mtb history with bikes on display going back to Ned’s 1985 Schwinn up to the bike local Howard Grotts rode in the Rio Olympics. Can’t wait get to Japan and have Fukuda show me around. 

Then The Rain Came

Decided to take Matt out to Twin Buttes for the second tour of the day Friday. A former Cat 2 road racer from Oregon, we set out to ride 4 hours. About an hour in, the skies opened up and the rain dumped. Surprisingly enough the trails shed the water extremely well, but we got soaked and muddy. Once we popped out of the Buttes system and headed east, we discovered the rain was isolated to the west and did not hit town or the other trail networks. Great for us so we could continue the ride in OMP, up around FLC, and drop into the Gulch. Don’t have a lot of pics of Matt because one, he was so fast, right behind me the whole time, and two, I was soaked for half the ride and my camera was as well. We ended up riding 3 hours, 23 m and 2,400 feet. I’m sure I’ll be riding with Matt again since he was in Durango dropping his daughter off at Fort Lewis College. 

Boston Mark

Mark was making his way across the US from his home in Boston, checking out various mountain towns, when he made a stop in Durango. Relatively new to mountain biking, he just started riding less then two years ago, we set out for a three hour ride. I was quite impressed with Mark’s bike handling skills and fitness. We rode over 17 miles and 1,800 feet through Overend Mountain Park, Horse Gulch, and the Rim. Once again 2nd Ave Sports had the hook up with a sweet Yeti SB. 

Headed Off To College

Wouldn’t you know, the day before I was set to take my son Kyle off to college for the first time, at Colorado State U, my last tour would be with a father and son in the same boat. Greg was one week away from taking his son Nick to college at Messiah, but before that the family was taking a RV trip through Colorado and Utah. Nick, a 6’5″ lefty pitcher soon to play NCAA baseball, also has mtb experience. His dad Greg, a software engineer from Virginia, hadn’t been on a bike in a while, but that didn’t stop us from a great ride covering more terrain than a normal Town and Trails tour would. Nick and I also peeled off knocking out some additional miles at the end. Good luck to both as they embark on their next chapter. 

Powered By Gummie Bears

What do you do when you are starting to fade on a mtb ride? If you are Jasper from Holland, you take a break and eat some gummie bears. That’s what happened on today’s ride with Jasper, 13, and his mom Lenore. Both ride bikes around town in the Netherlands, but neither had much mtb experience. Didn’t matter. With the help of those gummie bears, we racked up over 13 miles and over 1,100 feet. We covered much more trails then a typical beginner tour. Good times for sure! Thanks once again to 2nd Ave Sports for hooking it up with some premo duel suspension bike rentals. 

RV’in Across the US

Mike from New Jersey made a stop in Durango as part of his epic summertime RV trip with his wife and daughter. After selling a couple very successful dental practices, he and his fam were taking the summer off and traveling the country by RV. Here in Durango, a mtb ride was on his bucket list. More of a roadie, he dusted of the ole Santa Cruz and we got after it. 21 mikes and 2300 feet, up and over T graph. Beers at Durango Brewing Co after was a perfect end to a perfect tour! 

Back At It Again

I got to ride with Paula Friday. She use to mtb quite a bit while in college at West Virginia, but for one reason or another, took a long hiatus. Well, she’s back now and better then ever. Paula recently rekindled her mtb passion and of course when in “The Mountain Bike Capital of the World”, a tour with DMBT is a must. We had a great time on a overcast and cool morning, knocking out 10 + miles and over 1000 feet of climbing.