Ty One On

Ty is a unique individual. He is a former banker, turned real estate agent and paramedic. On top of that he is a great mountain biker. Hailing from Austin, TX, Ty and his family love to vacation in the mountains of Durango. And when in Durango… we covered 20 miles and over 2,100 feet. 

All in the Family

Always great sharing our trails, especially with families. On Friday it was father and son Steve and 16 year old Chase. Neither had a lot of experience mountain biking, but both were fit and ambitious. We covered way more ground then most “beginner” tours. 

Beat the Heat

Although it was a warm 85 degrees when we departed from Pedal the Peaks bike shop, it was nothing compared to the 100 + in Tucson, AZ where Steve is from. As a perk for hitting some sales figures, Steve and some colleagues were treated to a long weekend in Durango, where mountain biking, fishing, golf, and other activities were scheduled. Steve and I did a casual 2 hr ride through OMP getting him ready for his much longer Saturday ride. Looking forward to getting him and his wife out again this fall. 

Dan the Man

Another great tour this weekend  with Dan from Denver. He and is wife of three months took a trip to Durango to get away, hike, bike, and check out the six breweries we have in town. Good for them we partner with most of the breweries and give out free pint cards. Dan and I knocked out 16 miles in 2 hours. He is a really good rider.

Town and Trails Tour

Took a great couple, Greg and Jenny,  out on a classic Town and Trails tour. We covered over 10 miles and we’re able to give them an up close and personal look at Durango, from the seat of a bike. 

Back To My Old School

Celebrated America’s birthday this year leading a tour with Cord and Bianka from Germany. Both physicians, they were traveling from Detroit to San Fran through some mtb hotspots like Durango, Moab, And Tahoe. Great story, Cord was a HS exchange student in late 70’s and just reunited with his host mom 40 yrs later. She is now 90 and found him on Facebook, thus the trip. Cord and Bianka can both ride amazing. We knocked off 17 miles and 1,500 feet. 

Scott from Austin

It was a pleasure taking Scott out on an early morning bike tour. Traveling with his family from Austin, Texas, they made a stop in Durango for a few days, and he was able to cross this ride destination off his list. Scott was a strong rider knocking out 15 miles and 1,700 feet climbing, including coming down Snake Charmer, a very technical progressive trail. 

Castle Rock 

That time of summer when we start to head to the high country for some weekend rides. Today’s ride was up Purgatory on the 1990 Worlds Course to Castle Rock, then loop around lift 8 then down Elbert Creek Trail. 20 miles and 3,000 + feet climbing. 😃

One of Durango’s Best

Rode one of Durango’s lesser known trails Saturday, Haflin Creek. Makes for a great, and grueling, loop from town. My buddy Walt and I added some miles and climbing by riding up Falls Creek trail off CR 203 towards Church Camp Trails after going up Missionary Ridge and down HC. All told was a 35 mile 4,100 foot day.