Hong Kong Connection

Here at DMBT we have had clients from all over the world. Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Azerbaijan, England, France, Norway, Germany, Holland, Spain, Mexico, Canada to name a few. This past weekend was our first from Hong Kong. Mary Beth, a New England native, has been living in HK for 25 years. She and her husband Andy, from the UK, and their 4 kids ranging in ages from 9-12, frequently take trips abroad to the states. We were happy to be able to contribute to the FUN of their most recent vacation.

Lubbock Land

The Osborne family came to town from Lubbock, TX looking for a good time, and found it with Us. Dad John and older brothers Jack and Rowe jumped on board for a classic 4 hour tour. After a thorough romp through the Test Tracks including Ned’s Hill, 8 Bells, and Ella Vita, John opted out and I took the boys through the Gulch, around the Rim, and down Lions Den. Not to shabby for some occasional bikers.

Safety First

This was Steve’s third time riding with us in Durango. A safety engineer working in Chicago, by way of Connecticut, he has all the attitude of a “East Coaster”, but in a good way. It’s always a hoot when he comes around. Especially when we meet up downtown.

Riders of All Ages

Durango Mountain Bike Tours prides itself on catering to all ages, young and old. We especially like coaching up the kids. Alex, from LA, is 11 years old and had some biking experience. I very energetic and talkative kid, we rode some single track, river trail, through historic neighborhoods, and sessions at the BMX track. He had so much fun, he came back to ride with us again the next day after rafting. Fun times for sure!

A Man and His Yeti

Alan was hooked after riding a Yeti SB5 last weekend from 2nd Ave Sports. So much so that he bought one. He came up to Durango to pick it up and I took him for a spin around Twin Buttes.

Back To His Colorado Roots

Mike was born and raised in Colorado then went to college in South Carolina, and has lived there ever since. He makes a point to get back to Colorado often to visit family, and when possible, to ride. He’s been to Durango a few times but this was is first time riding with us. Decided to take him out to Phil’s World for something different. I didn’t get a lot of pictures of Mime because he was so fast and usually right behind me.

I Don’t Think We Are In Kansas Anymore

What do Kansas and Florida have in common? Besides both being pretty flat, Lindey, our latest client, grew up in Kansas and now lives in Florida. She bought a Specialized Myka 29er several years ago, but has just ridden it on the streets of Florida and some flat gravel roads in Kansas. Well, that all changed when she got to Durango. As a stop on her year long sabbatical across the US pulling her 33 foot travel trailer, she knew she wanted to learn to mountain bike. What better place to do so then in Durango, Colorado. She was a great student and did a tremendous job, knocking out nearly 20 miles in 4 hrs. Safe travels Lindey.

You Can Call Him Al

Alan from Albuquerque came up for the weekend and we rode over 8 hours in two days. Day 1 we ripped 21 miles and 2,300 feet elevation on our town trails. Day two we put in another 20 + miles, this time at the Phils World trail system. Alan, a former ultra endurance runner, decided to switch to biking from running. His 8 year old hard tail has served him well over the years, however the new Yeti SB5 he rented for Sunday’s ride from our good friends at 2nd Ave Sports kept a smile on his face. He just might be back up to ride again soon.

Viva La France

DMBT officially kicked off the 2019 mountain bike tour season with a 2 hour ride with Loic from the South of France. Our guide Zac led the tour through Horse Gulch, the Rim, and around the college. Durango experienced a winter with much more moisture then recent years, and the trails are all just about ready.

Ridin with the Boys

Went on a nice 3 hour tour with Ross, his son Ryan, and nephew Jacob. Ross and Ryan, from Chandler, AZ ride a bit, while Jacob from Lake Havasu, AZ is a downhiller for sure. All three were able to keep up and cover plenty of ground on a splendid Fall Sunday morning in Durango.