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It’s not often I skip the uphill ride and shuttle to the top. But sometimes it just has to be done. That was the case last weekend when my buddy Drew, aka @elementelectric, came to town. We shuttled Pass Trail-Engineer Mountain AND Haflin Creek Trail dame day. Only about 15 miles total of riding, but we dropped close to 5,000 vertical feet and rode two epic downhills.


Had a great time taking Ezra, from East Tennessee, up and over Telegraph. A elementary school teacher, he was on a 4 week vacation with his family through the west. He made sure to carve out some time to hit the renowned Durango single track!

Jayhawks Hit the Trail

Allen, from Kansas, was looking for an activity with some adventure to it on his last day of vacation in Durango. They had already hiked, rafted, rode horses and shopped. He decided to try mountain biking for him, his daughter, and her friend. They all did great, with his daughter declaring that was the most fun activity they had done on their trip.

Sullivan and Co

It is always exciting to see people progress their skills on the bike. This was very evident yesterday when I took Sullivan out for a ride. He, his family, as well as Tracy and I had spent the weekend in Boulder, Colorado watching the most recent incarnation of the Grateful Dead, The Dead and Co. I first rode with Sullivan, who is from Hickory, NC, and has been vacationing in Durango, two years ago when he was 15. Those first rides were nothing like now. Riding a sweet Transition Protocol from Pedal the Peaks, Sullivan was locked in on my wheel up and down. We tore up Twin Buttes with huge smiles on our faces