Glade Run Recreation Area

The Glade Run Recreation Area is comprised of 19,000 acres of sandy arroyos, slick rock, and rolling terrain. Approximately 42 miles of marked trails are available to mountain bikes which DMBT is the only guide service to have permits from the BLM for. These trails include the classic Road Apple course, one of the longest running mountain bike races, as well as newer trails like Wild Bill, Seven Sisters, and Rigor Mortis. If you have not ridden here, or it’s been a while, hit us up

Spring Time Tours

Nothing beats springtime in the Southwest. Snow in the high country to get those last days in on the slopes, and single track drying out down low just itchin to be ridden. While more and more town trails in Durango become ride ready, we are so happy to be the only guide company with permits to lead tours on the fast, flowy, fun trails at Phils World, Alien Run, and Glade Area trail system, all 30-40 minutes from Durango. The Webb family, Tony, Micah, Hollis, and Titus, great riders from Georgia, can check Phils off the “must ride” list.

Making Family Memories

It’s always special leading families on tours. With the great weather we’ve been having in Durango it’s allowed us to start guiding on the trails in town. Thursday we took out David, Sara, and their son Gavin. We covered about 15 miles in 3 hours hitting some primo single track. Friday David and Gavin went out with us again, this time riding Alien Run.

Seeing Double

Leighan hadn’t been on a bike in a while but she knew when in Durango that’s what you do. She and her fourteen year old twin boys came out for a fun filled three hour adventure. For her it was “just like riding a bike.” It all came back to her. And the boys had a blast on their first real mountain bike ride.

You’re in Good Hands

Brian and Debbie Wise came up from Phoenix for a work retreat. Brian has worked for All State insurance for 35 yrs. Originally from Wisconsin, the couple have been married for 37 years. Both had not done much Mountain biking, but were fit and up for a challenge. After our 3 hour tour, the happy couple were definitely talking about purchasing some new bikes.

Quick Pit Stop

What better way to break up a drive from Ridgeway, CO to Santa Fe, NM then with a 2 hr tour on Durango Singletrack. That’s what we did with the two brothers from Noblesville, IN. A quick rip through the trails then they were back on the road again.

All Hail the King…

Ed King that is. Ed came out from Missouri pulling his camper, mountain bike, and BMW touring motorcycle. He posted up at the Alpen Rose campground in the Animas Valley for a week and we rode a couple times. Ed was a blast to hang out with.

Hong Kong Connection

Here at DMBT we have had clients from all over the world. Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Azerbaijan, England, France, Norway, Germany, Holland, Spain, Mexico, Canada to name a few. This past weekend was our first from Hong Kong. Mary Beth, a New England native, has been living in HK for 25 years. She and her husband Andy, from the UK, and their 4 kids ranging in ages from 9-12, frequently take trips abroad to the states. We were happy to be able to contribute to the FUN of their most recent vacation.

Lubbock Land

The Osborne family came to town from Lubbock, TX looking for a good time, and found it with Us. Dad John and older brothers Jack and Rowe jumped on board for a classic 4 hour tour. After a thorough romp through the Test Tracks including Ned’s Hill, 8 Bells, and Ella Vita, John opted out and I took the boys through the Gulch, around the Rim, and down Lions Den. Not to shabby for some occasional bikers.

Safety First

This was Steve’s third time riding with us in Durango. A safety engineer working in Chicago, by way of Connecticut, he has all the attitude of a “East Coaster”, but in a good way. It’s always a hoot when he comes around. Especially when we meet up downtown.