The 2021 tour season has officially kicked off with a four hour ride with Rachel Varn. Rachel, living in Maryland, is the founder of Pedal Power Kids, an organization formed to get more kids on bikes! Saturday’s tour, a 17 mile ride on the Alien Run trail system, including the Outer Limits, was certainly memorable. The Alien Run trail system gets its name because supposedly on March 25, 1948 a UFO crashed on this piece of high desert ground near Aztec, NM. The official site of the crash is marked by a plaque. The trail is made up of 3 separate loops, each one slightly more difficult. This includes the Outer limits, a 9 mile section made up of challenging terrain with ups and downs, twists and turns. Alien Run is a great ride for early and late season tours.

Prospect Trail

Was in Telluride July 1, first day the Prospect Trail was opened for the summer. Rode the gondola up to start the ride, finishing with some great downhill flow. Was even greeted with bacon and grilled cheese at the top by the San Miguel Bike Alliance.

Jayhawks Hit the Trail

Allen, from Kansas, was looking for an activity with some adventure to it on his last day of vacation in Durango. They had already hiked, rafted, rode horses and shopped. He decided to try mountain biking for him, his daughter, and her friend. They all did great, with his daughter declaring that was the most fun activity they had done on their trip.

Park City, Utah

Got to ride some fine single track in and around Park City, Utah last weekend. My guides were Eliu and his brother Alan, friends I recently made through sharing pics on Instagram (gotta love the power of social media). Those two were awesome and gave me the locals inside scoop on the trails. We parked at the top of Gaurdsman Pass and ride a twenty mile, 4 1/2 hr loop with over 3,400 feet of elevation gain. Some of the trails we rode were Scott’s Bypass, Pinecone Ridge, Middle Mt, Apex and Shadow Lake to name a few. I’m looking forward to getting out there again soon.