Gonzo for Klonzo

Tracy and I continued our fall travel adventures, deciding at 10:00 pm on Friday that a biking and camping trip to Moab would be a good call. We’ve got it down to a science with all our gear ready to roll, so we were packed and loaded in the van in about 20 minutes in anticipation of a 5 am departure. We even took our dog Bella along for the ride. Winter is right around the corner and the temperatures definitely have been reflecting that, even in the desert of Moab. We awoke to about 22 degrees, and 3 hours later when we arrived in Moab, it had warmed up to a balmy 39. The forecast was for sunshine and highs in the mid 50’s, so we dinked around town a bit, grabbed a camp site in the Sand Flats area, and took our time heading north of town to the Klonzo Trail System. Neither of us had ridden these trails, but had heard that they were a lot of fun, not very technical and full of flow. We heard right, they were super fun

The trails lies east of the Sovereign trail system near the border of Arches National Park, with the trailhead off of Willow Springs Road 10 miles north of Moab. The trail system has multiple interconnected loops. Each segment is quite short. The ten trails of northern Klonzo are Boondocks, Borderline, Dunestone, Cross Canyon, Gravitron, Secret Passage, Snippet, VertiGo, Wahoo, and Zoltar. The multiple connections between loops offers many different riding experiences. We ended up taking a few laps, then headed to Eddie McStiffs for food and beers, before bundling up and hunkering down at camp for the night.

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Moab, Utah

Had a day off so I decided to head to the desert in Moab for some riding. Left the house at 4:30 am and arrived at the Sand Flats Campground just in time to catch the sunrise over the La Sal Mountains. The goal was to knock off three great rides. First was a 30 miles, 3,500 foot Porcupine Rim Loop. After a quick lunch, it was across town to ride Hymasa Back to Lower Captain Ahab. Then back to Sand Flats to finish up the day on my favorite, and most popular trail in Moab, Slick Rock. All told ended the day with 50 miles and just under 6,000 feet climbing. Then it was back to the camp site for some food and well deserved Ska Euphoria under the stars.

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