Riding with My Boys at Purg

Seems like only yesterday I was teaching these boys to ski and snowboard when they were three. Now I’m trying to keep up with them and watching them do a lot more crazy tricks then I want to try. Riding with these two are some of the best times of my life. These pictures were taken 2 days ago after we received 2 inches over night and 8 in the last 24 hours. Since then we been hit with over a foot and it is still dumping now!IMG_7982 3 IMG_7986 3 IMG_7990 3 IMG_7985 3 IMG_7988 3 IMG_7987 3 IMG_7994 3 IMG_7983 IMG_7995 2 IMG_7996 3 IMG_8002 IMG_7997 IMG_7993 2 IMG_7992 IMG_7999 IMG_8001 IMG_7998

Let it Snow

With all the talk of an El Nino winter, we have all been waiting patiently for the snow to fall and powder days at Purg. This Saturday we awoke to 7 fresh inches with a total of 11 from this first storm. The forecast is calling for more snow this week. fingers crossed.

IMG_7903 IMG_7879 IMG_7904 IMG_7905 IMG_7919 IMG_7920 IMG_7921 IMG_7922 IMG_7923 IMG_7834 3 IMG_7835 3 IMG_7817 IMG_7832 3 IMG_7824 IMG_7823 IMG_7822

The Durango Double

The end of November and beginning of December, as well as the end of March and beginning of April is the time of year in Durango when many of us pull the “Durango Double.” This is phrase coined when someone gets in some sliding on the snow in the morning, and riding on single track in the afternoon. That was the case for me last Friday when I took several runs snowboarding at Purgatory in the morning then rode the Alien Run in Aztec, NM. Gotta love this town!

IMG_7837 IMG_7794 IMG_7793 IMG_7792 3 IMG_7791 3 IMG_7878 IMG_7806 IMG_7811 IMG_7805 IMG_7810 2

IMG_7851 3 IMG_7853 3 IMG_7857 2

Wolf Creek

The family and I took a recent trip to Wolf Creek to do some snowboarding. The ski area sits at the top of Wolf Creek Pass along highway 160. it is a high alpine resort with 10,300 feet at the base and 11,900 feet at the summit. It is a no frills resort famous for its abundant powder and tree runs. It consistently gets the most snowfall in Colorado, giving it the tag line, “the most snow in Colorado.” There are many areas that you can hike out to, making it feel like you are in the back country and not at a lift aided ski area. The boys and I hiked up to the top of Alberta Peak, 11,900 feet, dropping in to some awesome powder. I’m ready to get back again soon!



IMG_2437 IMG_2424 1 IMG_2422 IMG_2431 IMG_2436 IMG_2430 IMG_2421 1 IMG_2419 1 IMG_2420 IMG_2429

Shredding in Purg Parks and Chapman Hill

Kyle and Cullen have gotten pretty good at riding on rails, boxes and doing jumps. They have come a long way in their riding skills from when I first taught them. It has been fun to watch and to ride with them. Here are some pictures of the boys riding at Purg and Chapman Hill, Durango’s in town ski hill.

IMG_2372 IMG_2371 IMG_2369 IMG_2366 IMG_2367 IMG_2368

A Powder Day on Christmas

It was a white Christmas in Durango this year. We woke up to open presents about 7 am and the snow started to fall. By the time we got to Purgatory there was about 4 inches on the ground and the snow was falling. It made for a great day!

IMG_2308 IMG_2310 IMG_2311 IMG_2313 IMG_2314 IMG_2312 IMG_2315 IMG_2316

IMG_2318 IMG_2319 IMG_2341 IMG_2322




Snowboard Season is Upon Us







Well, I have been slacking lately. I’ve taken plenty of great snowboarding pics, but have not posted any here since Purgatory’s opening day. I have posted a lot of pictures to my Instagram account under my name Durangomtbiketours. Be sure to follow me there and check them out. I’ll be posting a bunch of pics here over the next week. We’ve had quite a few powder days, the Opening of Chapman Hill, and a sweet trip to Wolf Creek. If we can’t mountain bike, at least we are snowboarding. I’ve already been getting phone calls and booking tours for 2015. I can’t wait.

IMG_2168 IMG_2169 IMG_2179 IMG_2212 IMG_2264 IMG_2235 IMG_2234 IMG_2226 IMG_2272 IMG_2275 IMG_2277 IMG_2278

Powder Days

Another great winter here in the Southwest. Plenty of powder days were had at Purgatory.