Prescott, Arizona

Day two of spring break took me and Kyle to Prescott, AZ another destination of the SWSTA tour in October. We checked in at the 100 year old historic Hotel St Michael on Whiskey Row before heading to Soul Ride bike shop for some trail info. Cina gave us the low down and we had a great 2 hour ride on trail 396. Dinner at the hotel Bistro, some fro yo downtown, then bed. Up next, riding in Scottsdale tomorrow. 


Brotherly love in the house. Kaleb 12, and his younger brother Logan 8, were in Durango for a week visiting their grand parents. They both brought their mountain bikes with them from Colorado Springs and we’re excited to check out some Durango singletrack. We were happy to oblige and introduced them to a Town and Trails Tour, covering 12 miles and 880 feet elevation gain, riding in Overend Mountain Park and Horse Gulch.

High in the Rockies

This weekend was a good time riding with my friend Duke on the Colorado Trail. We started at Molas pass, almost 11,000 feet and rode to Engineer Mountain Trail. We covered over 20 miles, 3,000 feet elevation gain and were above 12,000 feet.

German Engineering

The last time I rode with Christian was three years ago in 2013. After our ride, he went and purchased a Yeti SB, which he took home with him to his native Germany. Well, he’s back in the US again working as an electrical engineer on a project in Colorado. So this go round he showed up in Durango with his new Santa Cruz Nomad he bought. What else do you do when your Yeti is across the pond. Chris has definitely been putting some time in the saddle with recent rides in Tahoe, Santa Cruz, and Downeville, and it showed. We covered about 40 miles and close to 4,000 feet climbing over two days. Rides included parts of Todd and Neds Dirt Fondo course on Powerline, Skyline and Sugar. We will be riding again here in October if not sooner.

Back Home Again

I was very excited to get a call from Brian to set up a tour. Brian grew up and went to school in nearby Bloomfield, NM, and he spent his summers in Durango, where he rode his BMX bike on the trails among other things. He had not ridden in Durango in almost 20 years, and as I told him, the amount of singletrack has more then doubled in town since then. His new Santa Cruz has replaced the old BMX bike, and I wanted to take him to ride Durango’s newest trail network at Twin Buttes. We weren’t done there, as we headed east into Horse Gulch, up and over Telegraph finishing out Big Canyon. At the end of the day we covered 25.5 miles and 2,535 feet elevation gain, and made plans to ride again soon.

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Boys Day on the Trails

Continuing with the trend of leading parents and their kids out on a tour, Tuesday I took out Mike and his son Ryan. While his wife and daughter had some R & R and shopping, the boys took to the trails. Mike does a bit of road riding, and Ryan, 2 years removed from Penn State was trying to determine if he should buy a mountain bike and take up this great sport. After our 3 hour, 14 mile tour through Overend Mountain Park and Horse Gulch, I think both men may have found a new sport.

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Dr Leigh

Had the pleasure of riding with a young PhD Steven Leigh. Only 29 and already earned his doctorate in engineering from the University of Washington,  he now lives and works in Tucson, AZ and is interested in becoming a mountain biker. What better way to get aquatinted with the sport then to come to Durango and ride with Durango Mountain Bike Tours. We had a great 3 hour Town and Trails ride covering over 17 miles and quite a bit more singletrack then I normally do with most beginners. I can’t wait to see what bike he buys and watch his progress. IMG_9892 3 IMG_9904 3 IMG_9906 3 IMG_9908 3 IMG_9909 3 IMG_9905 3 IMG_9894 3 IMG_9898 3 IMG_9902 3 IMG_9900 3 IMG_9899 3 IMG_9907 3 IMG_9901 3

Get Some Adventures

Kelly and Lee Harris are living some peoples dream. They left their 9-5 jobs, sold their house, bought a Sprinter van, decked it out, and now live out of it traveling the country in search of new adventures and blog about it. The couple started Get Some Adventures, whose mission is “to provide outdoor enthusiasts with inspiring adventure ideas and the resources they need to make planning trips easy and affordable. Their web site is They contacted me saying they were coming to Durango to write a destination guide on our town and wanted to focus on Durango Mountain Bike Tours as a bike guide company, among other activities. I was more than happy to oblige. Kelly and Lee were definitely strong riders and I was able to show them some of our prime time trails in Overend Mountain Park and Twin Buttes. We rode over 4 hours and covered close to 20  miles and 1,600 feet elevation gain. I am looking forward to seeing the final write up from GSA, and will share it here on the blog. I will also be following Get Some Adventures on Facebook and Instagram (@getsomeadventures), living vicariously through their blog and checking out their adventures.

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Navajo Rocks

I was able to escape the snow and cold in Durango by traveling west to the desert of Moab, Utah to get in some mountain biking. I stopped by Moab Cyclery to ask about some trail conditions and was told about a new trail system north of town along highway 113, Navajo Rocks. About 3 miles up the road I pulled off to the trail head of Ramblin to start the ride. It was a sunny day warming up to a balmy high of 62, perfect riding weather. The Navajo Rocks trails are made up of 5 different trails 3 to 4 miles each. They can be pieced together in a number of ways and ridden  in different directions to create multiple routes. I rode counter clockwise starting with Ramblin to Big Mesa, a portion on Big Lonely to Coney Island, then cutting out to the road on Middle Earth. It was still early and there was plenty of snow on many parts of the trail. All told I rode 14 miles, then added another 10 miles on an out and back on Cane Creek Rd. It won’t be long before mountain bIke season is here. I can’t wait.





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Riding with My Boys at Purg

Seems like only yesterday I was teaching these boys to ski and snowboard when they were three. Now I’m trying to keep up with them and watching them do a lot more crazy tricks then I want to try. Riding with these two are some of the best times of my life. These pictures were taken 2 days ago after we received 2 inches over night and 8 in the last 24 hours. Since then we been hit with over a foot and it is still dumping now!IMG_7982 3 IMG_7986 3 IMG_7990 3 IMG_7985 3 IMG_7988 3 IMG_7987 3 IMG_7994 3 IMG_7983 IMG_7995 2 IMG_7996 3 IMG_8002 IMG_7997 IMG_7993 2 IMG_7992 IMG_7999 IMG_8001 IMG_7998